Nebraska Revised Statute 71-4618

Chapter 71 Section 4618


Commission; notice to manufacturers concerning nonconformance; opportunity for evidence; determination by commission; effect.

(1) If the commission determines that any manufactured home or recreational vehicle (a) does not comply with an applicable standard adopted by the commission or (b) contains a failure to conform which constitutes an imminent safety hazard or serious defect in a single manufactured home or recreational vehicle or a noncompliance determined to be in a class of manufactured homes or recreational vehicles, it shall immediately notify the manufacturer of such failure to conform. The notice shall contain the findings of the commission and shall include all information upon which the findings are based.

(2) The commission shall afford such manufacturer an opportunity to present its views and supporting evidence to establish that there is no failure to conform. If, after such presentation by the manufacturer, the commission determines that there is a failure to conform with applicable standards or a failure to conform which constitutes a serious defect or an imminent safety hazard, the commission shall direct the manufacturer to furnish the notification specified in section 71-4616.


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