Nebraska Revised Statute 71-449

Chapter 71


License; disciplinary actions authorized.

(1) The department may impose any one or a combination of the following types of disciplinary action against the license of a health care facility or health care service:

(a) A fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars per violation;

(b) A prohibition on admissions or readmissions, a limitation on enrollment, or a prohibition or limitation on the provision of care or treatment;

(c) A period of probation not to exceed two years during which the facility or service may continue to operate under terms and conditions fixed by the order of probation;

(d) A period of suspension not to exceed three years during which the facility or service may not operate; and

(e) Revocation which is a permanent termination of the license and the licensee may not apply for a license for a minimum of two years after the effective date of the revocation.

(2) Any fine imposed and unpaid under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act shall constitute a debt to the State of Nebraska which may be collected in the manner of a lien foreclosure or sued for and recovered in any proper form of action in the name of the State of Nebraska in the district court of the county in which the facility or service is located. The department shall, within thirty days after receipt, remit fines to the State Treasurer for credit to the permanent school fund.