Nebraska Revised Statute 71-436.02

Chapter 71


Remote dispensing pharmacy license; requirements.

(1) A pharmacy shall obtain a remote dispensing pharmacy license under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act prior to engaging in remote dispensing. A pharmacy shall not be licensed as both a remote dispensing pharmacy and a pharmacy. At the time of initial licensure as a remote dispensing pharmacy, the remote dispensing pharmacy must be located ten driving miles or more from the nearest pharmacy. The remote dispensing pharmacy shall operate in accordance with this section.

(2) If the remote dispensing pharmacy employs a certified pharmacy technician to dispense prescription drugs, remote dispensing shall occur under remote supervision via a real-time audiovisual communication system by a licensed pharmacist employed by a supervising pharmacy. The licensed pharmacist must be licensed and located in Nebraska. If the real-time audiovisual communication system between the remote dispensing pharmacy and supervising pharmacy is not working, no remote dispensing can be completed at the remote dispensing pharmacy until the real-time audiovisual communication system is restored and working properly.

(3) The remote dispensing pharmacy must have the same pharmacist in charge as the supervising pharmacy. The pharmacist in charge must ensure that a pharmacist is onsite at the remote dispensing pharmacy at a minimum of once each calendar month. The pharmacist in charge in the supervising pharmacy may delegate tasks to another pharmacist who is employed by the supervising pharmacy, such as supervision of the certified pharmacy technician working remotely in the remote dispensing pharmacy, oversight of inventory, patient counseling, and other duties as assigned. The pharmacist supervising the certified pharmacy technician remotely is responsible for the drug utilization review, the final verification, and the supervision of the remote dispensing at the remote dispensing pharmacy.

(4) In order for remote dispensing to occur in a remote dispensing pharmacy:

(a) When a prescription is being dispensed to a patient or caregiver, the supervising pharmacist must attempt to counsel on all new prescriptions dispensed from the remote dispensing pharmacy; and

(b) The real-time audiovisual communication system must be working properly.