Nebraska Revised Statute 71-3207

Chapter 71


License; bond; conditions.

Before the license may be issued or renewed, the applicant shall file and the licensee shall continuously maintain with the secretary a surety bond executed by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Nebraska in the sum of ten thousand dollars conditioned for the faithful and honest conduct and compliance with the provisions of sections 71-3201 to 71-3213 upon the part of such applicant or licensee and upon the part of any plain clothes investigator employed by such applicant or licensee; and any person injured by the willful, malicious, or wrongful act of such applicant or licensee or any employee thereof within the scope of the license may bring an action on such bond in his own name to recover his damages; Provided, that the aggregate liability of the surety for all breaches of the conditions of the bond shall, in no event, exceed the sum of said bond. The surety on such bond shall have a right to cancel such bond upon giving thirty days' notice to the secretary; Provided, that such cancellation shall not affect any liability on the bond which accrued prior thereto.


  • Laws 1959, c. 329, § 7, p. 1198.