Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2918

Chapter 71 Section 2918


Extermination of mosquitoes, flies, insects; county and city of the primary class; jointly or severally; nuisance; abatement; expenses; lien.

Any county and any city of the primary class located therein shall have the powers, jointly or severally:

(1) To declare as a nuisance any stagnant pool of water or other breeding place for mosquitoes, flies, or other insects of public health importance within their areas;

(2) To direct the owner or user of the property upon which such nuisance exists to abate such nuisance; and

(3) If such owner or user refuses, fails, or neglects to abate such nuisance, after proper notice and lapse of a reasonable time for complying, to take any necessary and proper steps to abate such nuisance. Any such county and city shall have and acquire a lien for the expense thereof against the property upon which the expense was incurred, which lien shall be enforceable in the same manner as liens are enforced against buildings and lots for labor and material furnished by contract with the owner.


  • Laws 1961, c. 344, § 2, p. 1097.