Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2480

Chapter 71 Section 2480


Drugs; adulteration or misbranding; confiscation; destruction or sale; proceeds; disposition.

Any drug which is adulterated or misbranded and which is sold, offered for sale, or delivered within this state shall be liable to be proceeded against where the same is found and seized for confiscation by a process of libel for condemnation. If such drug is condemned as being adulterated or misbranded or of a poisonous or deleterious character, the drug shall be disposed of by destruction or sale as the court may direct, and the proceeds thereof, if sold, less the legal costs and charges, shall be paid into the treasury of this state, and such goods shall not be sold in any jurisdiction contrary to the Prescription Drug Safety Act or the laws of that jurisdiction. Any libel proceeding in rem may be joined with any criminal prosecution in personam or may be prosecuted separately.


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