Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2470

Chapter 71 Section 2470


Misbranded drug, defined.

(1) Misbranded drug means a drug, the package or label of which bears any statement, design, or device regarding a drug, or the ingredients of substances contained therein, which is false or misleading in any particular, or any drug product which is falsely labeled with the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packager, or distributor.

(2) Misbranded drug includes an article (a) if it is an imitation of or offered for sale under the name of another article, (b) if it is labeled or branded so as to deceive or mislead the purchaser or purport to be a foreign product when not so, or if the contents of the package as originally put up have been removed, in whole or in part, and other contents have been placed in such package, or if the package fails to bear a statement, on the label, of the quantity or proportion of any alcohol, morphine, opium, cocaine, heroin, alpha or beta eucaine, chloroform, cannabis indica, chloral hydrate or acetanilide, phenacetine (acetphenetidine), antipyrine, belladonna, or any derivative or preparation of any such substance contained therein, or (c) if its package or label bears or contains any statement, design, or device regarding the curative or therapeutic effect of such article, or any of the ingredients or substances contained therein, which is false or fraudulent.


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