Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2433

Chapter 71 Section 2433


Property owner; law enforcement agency; Nebraska State Patrol; duties.

A property owner with knowledge of a clandestine drug lab on his or her property shall report such knowledge and location as soon as practicable to the local law enforcement agency or to the Nebraska State Patrol. A law enforcement agency that discovers a clandestine drug lab in the State of Nebraska shall report the location of such lab to the Nebraska State Patrol within thirty days after making such discovery. Such report shall include the date of discovery of such lab, the county where the property containing such lab is located, and a legal description of the property or other description or address of such property sufficient to clearly establish its location. As soon as practicable after such discovery, the appropriate law enforcement agency shall provide the Nebraska State Patrol with a complete list of the chemicals, including methamphetamine, its precursors, solvents, and related reagents, found at or removed from the location of such lab. Upon receipt, the Nebraska State Patrol shall promptly forward a copy of such report and list to the department, the Department of Environmental Quality, the municipality or county where the lab is located, the director of the local public health department serving such municipality or county, and the property owner or owners.