Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2408

Chapter 71 Section 2408


Department of Health and Human Services; disciplinary actions; violations; Attorney General; duties.

(1) The Department of Health and Human Services, after notice and an opportunity for a hearing, may deny, refuse renewal of, revoke, or otherwise discipline or restrict the license of a mail service pharmacy for (a) any discipline of the pharmacy license held by such pharmacy in another state pursuant to subdivision (2)(a) of section 71-2407, (b) any violation of the Mail Service Pharmacy Licensure Act or rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under the act, or (c) conduct by such pharmacy which in this state presents a threat to the public health and safety or a danger of death or physical harm.

(2) The department, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pharmacy, shall notify the Attorney General of any possible violations of the Mail Service Pharmacy Licensure Act. If the Attorney General has reason to believe that an out-of-state person is operating in violation of the act, he or she shall commence an action in the district court of Lancaster County to enjoin any such person from further mailing, shipping, or otherwise delivering prescription drugs into the State of Nebraska.