Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2302

Chapter 71 Section 2302


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(1) Increasing prostitution in Nebraska has become harmful to communities and neighborhoods, often contributing to both incidents of crime and fear of crime. Prostitution depletes local law enforcement resources and leads to a reduction in the quality of life for the residents and businesses that are within close geographic proximity to concentrated areas of prostitution. Prostitution-related activities create noise, litter, and harassment of residents and businesses and promote declining property values. Residents and businesses in areas within close geographic proximity to prostitution-related activity often feel threatened when solicitors proposition on their streets or when prostitution-related activities are performed in parked cars, empty parking lots, or alleyways;

(2) Many prostitutes use prostitution to support drug and alcohol addictions. In addition, many prostitutes suffer from significant mental health disorders that lead to increased dependency on drugs and alcohol. When panderers are involved, the prostitutes are often subject to physical and psychological abuse;

(3) Solicitors of prostitution are equally contributing sexual offenders;

(4) Resources are needed to coordinate and deliver an array of community-based services to address issues related to prostitution, including, but not limited to, lifestyle choices, substance abuse, mental health disorders, workforce assessment and preparation, education, and other community-based services;

(5) A coordinated array of community-based services delivered to individuals engaged in prostitution-related activity can mitigate individual lifestyle choices and break the cycle of prostitution; and

(6) The quality of life for residents and businesses can be drastically improved when the prevalence of prostitution-related activity is significantly reduced or removed within residential and business areas.