Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2087

Chapter 71 Section 2087


Receiver; appointment; effect; duties.

When a receiver is appointed under section 71-2086, the licensee, owner, or operator shall be divested of possession and control of the health care facility in favor of the receiver. The appointment of the receiver shall not affect the rights of the owner or operator to defend against any claim, suit, or action against such owner or operator or the health care facility, including, but not limited to, any licensure, certification, or injunctive action taken by the department. A receiver shall:

(1) Take such action as is reasonably necessary to protect and conserve the assets or property of which the receiver takes possession or the proceeds of any transfer of the assets or property and may use them only in the performance of the powers and duties set forth in this section and section 71-2088 or by order of the court;

(2) Apply the current revenue and current assets of the health care facility to current operating expenses and to debts incurred by the licensee, owner, or operator prior to the appointment of the receiver. The receiver may apply to the court for approval for payment of debts incurred prior to appointment if the debts appear extraordinary, of questionable validity, or unrelated to the normal and expected maintenance and operation of the health care facility or if the payment of the debts will interfere with the purposes of the receivership. The receiver shall give priority to expenditures for current, direct resident care, including nursing care, social services, dietary services, and housekeeping;

(3) Be responsible for the payment of taxes against the health care facility which become due during the receivership, including property taxes, sales and use taxes, withholding, taxes imposed pursuant to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, and other payroll taxes, but not including state and federal taxes which are the liability of the owner or operator;

(4) Be entitled to and take possession of all property or assets of residents or patients which are in the possession of the licensee, owner, operator, or administrator of the health care facility. The receiver shall preserve all property, assets, and records of residents or patients of which the receiver takes possession and shall provide for the prompt transfer of the property, assets, and necessary and appropriate records to the alternative placement of any transferred or discharged resident;

(5) Upon order of the court, provide for the orderly transfer of all residents or patients in the health care facility to other suitable facilities if correction of violations of federal and state laws and regulations is not possible or cannot be completed in a timely manner or there are reasonable grounds to believe the health care facility cannot be operated on a sound financial basis and in compliance with all applicable federal or state laws and regulations or make other provisions for the continued health, safety, and welfare of the residents or patients;

(6) Perform regular accountings; and

(7) Make periodic reports to the court and the department.


  • Laws 1995, LB 406, § 63.