Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1607

Chapter 71 Section 1607


Health district; board of health; members; term; vacancy.

The business of each health district shall be managed by a board of five citizens. The term of office of the board members, except as herein otherwise provided, shall begin and end as provided by law for county officers. The first board shall be chosen at the election in which the health district is created. Any resident citizen may file as a candidate for the proposed board any time between the filing of the petition for the establishment of the board and ten days prior to the election thereon. The election officers shall canvass the votes for candidates at the same time the vote is canvassed for the creation of the district, and shall certify to the Governor the five individuals receiving the highest number of votes. At the same time the Governor proclaims the establishment of the health district, he shall proclaim said individuals as the governing board thereof. The term of the two individuals receiving the least votes shall end following the first general county election thereafter; the term of the two individuals receiving the next higher votes shall end following the second general county election thereafter; and the term of the individual receiving the highest vote shall end following the third general county election thereafter. A successor shall be elected for each member for a term of six years. Such successor shall be nominated and elected in the same manner as county officers on the nonpolitical ballot are chosen. Each board member shall continue in office until his successor is elected and qualified. Each member of the board shall qualify by filing an acceptance with the county clerk of the county in which he or she resides. In case of vacancy for any cause, a majority of the remaining members shall select a successor for the term, or the remainder of the term.


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