Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1576

Chapter 71 Section 1576


Authority established under prior law; existence and actions; how treated.

Any local housing authority established under any prior Nebraska law relating to housing authorities and in existence on January 1, 2000, shall have continued existence as a housing agency under the Nebraska Housing Agency Act and shall thereafter conduct its operations consistent with the act. All property, rights in land, buildings, records, and equipment and any funds, money, revenue, receipts, or assets of an authority shall belong to the agency as successor. All obligations, debts, commitments, and liabilities of an authority shall become obligations, debts, commitments, and liabilities of the successor agency. Any resolution by an authority and any action taken by the authority prior to January 1, 2000, with regard to any project or program which is to be completed within or to be conducted for a twelve-month period following January 1, 2000, and which resolution or action is lawful under Nebraska law as it exists prior to January 1, 2000, shall be a lawful resolution or action of the successor agency and binding upon such successor agency and enforceable by or against such agency notwithstanding that such resolution or action is inconsistent with, not authorized, or prohibited under the provisions of the act. All commissioners of such agency and all officers, legal counsel, technical experts, directors, and other appointees or employees of such agency holding office or employment by virtue of any such prior law on January 1, 2000, shall be deemed to have been appointed or employed under the act.