Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1566

Chapter 71 Section 1566


Modular housing units; place manufactured, sold, or leased; open to inspection by commission.

The commission through its authorized representatives may enter any place or establishment where modular housing units are manufactured, sold, offered for sale, or leased for the purpose of inspecting such modular housing units or parts thereof in order to ascertain whether the requirements of the Nebraska Uniform Standards for Modular Housing Units Act and the rules, regulations, and standards adopted by the commission have been complied with. If the commission appoints qualified nongovernmental inspectors or inspection agencies as its authorized representatives to carry out such inspections, the commission shall at all times exercise supervisory control over such inspectors or agencies to insure effective and uniform enforcement of its standards. No person may interfere with, obstruct, or hinder an authorized representative of the commission in the performance of such an inspection.


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