Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1564

Chapter 71 Section 1564


Commission; administer act; rules and regulations; powers; enumerated; charge for services.

(1) The commission is hereby charged with the administration of the provisions of the Nebraska Uniform Standards for Modular Housing Units Act. The commission may adopt, amend, alter, or repeal general rules and regulations of procedure for carrying out and administering the provisions of such act in regard to (a) the issuance of seals, (b) the submission of plans and specifications of modular housing units, (c) the obtaining of statistical data respecting the manufacture and sale of modular housing units, and (d) the prescribing of means, methods, and practices to make effective such provisions. In adopting such rules and regulations, the commission may require that plans and specifications of modular housing units submitted to the commission be prepared and submitted only by a Nebraska architect or professional engineer.

(2) A person intending to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, or lease a modular housing unit in the State of Nebraska shall submit plans, specifications, and a compliance assurance program in accordance with the act and shall be charged for engineering services of the commission provided for performing the review of such initial submittal at a rate of not less than fifteen dollars per hour and not more than sixty dollars per hour based upon sixty hours of review time as determined annually by the commission after published notice and a hearing.


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