Nebraska Revised Statute 71-15,163

Chapter 71


Screening of applicants; powers of public agencies.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all public agencies of this state, including state, city, and county law enforcement agencies, shall cooperate with local housing agencies by providing, promptly upon request, information concerning the general background, including, but not limited to, the criminal history, of applicants for assistance or recipients of assistance from local housing agencies. Any such information shall be used by local housing agencies solely for the purpose of screening applicants for suitability for tenancy or for determining continued suitability for assistance or tenancy and shall not be disclosed except in a proceeding challenging a decision by an agency to deny or terminate benefits.

(2) Any person who applies for or accepts assistance provided by a local housing agency shall, by virtue of such application for or acceptance of such assistance, be deemed to have consented to the disclosure of information by public agencies as required by this section.