Nebraska Revised Statute 71-15,152

Chapter 71 Section 15,152


Housing agency official; recusal; when.

A housing agency official shall recuse himself or herself from any vote, decision, or other action and shall not directly or indirectly participate in any action or proceeding which involves an actual or potential conflict of interest as described in sections 71-15,149 to 71-15,157, including, but not limited to, any matter:

(1) With respect to which disclosure is required under section 71-15,151;

(2) Involving assistance to, the employment of, or otherwise relating to the personal status of a member of such housing agency official's immediate family;

(3) In which the agency seeks to confer or bestow a special privilege or benefit upon such housing agency official;

(4) Involving an action by the board of commissioners concerning a waiver of any provision of sections 71-15,149 to 71-15,157, which waiver would affect such housing agency official; or

(5) Involving any other action or circumstance prohibited under sections 71-15,149 to 71-15,157 or which otherwise gives rise to a real or apparent conflict of interest.