Nebraska Revised Statute 71-15,140

Chapter 71


Personal property; rules and regulations.

A housing agency may adopt and promulgate reasonable rules and regulations consistent with the purposes of the Nebraska Housing Agency Act concerning personal property of residents and other persons located in a development of the agency, and if such personal property is not removed from a dwelling unit at the time of the termination of the lease, at the time of vacation or abandonment of the dwelling unit, or at the time of the death of any resident, an agency may remove the same and store such property in a secure location at the resident's risk and expense. If possession of such personal property is not taken by the resident or other person authorized by law to take possession within fourteen days after such termination, vacation, abandonment, or death and if any storage removal charges remain unpaid, then the housing agency may, at its option, dispose of the personal property in any manner which the authority deems fit. In no case shall any employee or relative of an employee of the housing agency take ownership of such property. No resident or other person shall have any cause of action against the housing agency for such removal or disposition of such personal property.