Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1381

Chapter 71


Cremated remains; how treated.

(1) Insofar as is possible, upon completion of the cremation, all of the recoverable residue of the cremation shall be removed from the cremation chamber and any foreign matter or anything other than bone fragments shall be removed from such residue and shall be disposed of by the crematory authority. The remaining bone fragments shall be processed by pulverization so as to reduce the fragments to unidentifiable particles. This subsection shall not apply when the commingling of human remains during cremation is otherwise authorized by law. The presence of incidental and unavoidable residue in the cremation chamber from a prior cremation is not a violation of this subsection.

(2) The cremated remains with proper identification shall be placed in a temporary container or permanent container selected or provided by the authorizing agent. The cremated remains shall not be contaminated with any other object unless specific written authorization to the contrary has been received from the authorizing agent.

(3) If the entirety of the cremated remains will not fit within a temporary container or permanent container, then the remainder of such remains shall be returned to the authorizing agent or his or her representative in a separate container with proper identification.

(4) If the cremated remains are to be shipped, the temporary container or permanent container shall be packed securely in a suitable shipping container that complies with the requirements of the shipper. Unless otherwise directed in writing by the authorizing agent, cremated remains shall be shipped only by a method which includes an internal tracking system and which provides a receipt signed by the person accepting delivery of such remains.