Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1377

Chapter 71 Section 1377


Cremation authorization form; required; contents.

(1) A crematory authority shall not cremate human remains until it has received:

(a) A cremation authorization form as provided in subsection (2) of this section;

(b) A completed and executed permit for transit or cremation as provided by the department or the appropriate cremation permit from the state from which the human remains were delivered, indicating that the human remains are to be cremated; and

(c) A delivery receipt form.

(2) A cremation authorization form shall be signed by the authorizing agent and shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(a) The name of the deceased;

(b) Date and place of death;

(c) The identity of the funeral director involved in the preparation of the human remains for cremation, if any;

(d) Notification that the death did or did not occur from a disease declared by the department to be infectious, contagious, communicable, or dangerous to the public health;

(e) The name of the authorizing agent and the relationship between the authorizing agent and the deceased;

(f) Authorization by the authorizing agent for the crematory authority to cremate the human remains;

(g) A representation that the authorizing agent is aware of no objection to the human remains being cremated by any person who has a right to control the disposition of the human remains;

(h) A representation that the human remains do not contain any material, implants, or conditions that may be potentially hazardous to equipment or persons performing the cremation;

(i) The name of the person authorized to claim the cremated remains from the crematory authority; and

(j) The intended disposition of the cremated remains.

(3) A crematory authority shall retain, for at least seven years after the cremation, in printed or electronic format, copies of the cremation authorization form, permit for transit or cremation as provided by the department or cremation permit, cremated remains receipt form, delivery receipt form, and any other records required under the Cremation of Human Remains Act.