Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1374

Chapter 71 Section 1374


Crematory authority; delivery receipt form; duties.

(1) A crematory authority upon receiving human remains shall sign a delivery receipt form and shall hold the human remains, prior to cremation, as provided in this section. The form shall include the name of the deceased, the time and date of delivery of such remains, and the signatures of the owner of the crematory or his or her representative and the funeral director or his or her representative.

(2) If a crematory authority is unable to cremate the human remains immediately upon taking receipt thereof, the crematory authority shall place the human remains in a holding facility. A holding facility shall be designed and constructed to (a) comply with all applicable public health laws, (b) provide for the health and safety of persons employed at such facility, and (c) prevent any unauthorized access to such facility.

(3) A crematory authority may refuse to accept for holding an alternative container or casket from which there is any evidence of leakage of the body fluids from the human remains in the container.

(4) If human remains received by the crematory authority are not embalmed, such remains shall be held no longer than twenty-four hours from the time of death unless the human remains are placed within a refrigerated facility in accordance with the laws of this state.