Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1217

Chapter 71 Section 1217


Outpatient treatment provider; duties; investigation by county attorney; warrant for immediate custody of subject; when.

(1) Any provider of outpatient treatment to a subject ordered by a mental health board to receive such treatment shall report to the board and to the county attorney if (a) the subject is not complying with his or her individualized treatment plan, (b) the subject is not following the conditions set by the mental health board, (c) the treatment plan is not effective, or (d) there has been a significant change in the subject's mental illness or personality disorder or the level of risk posed to the public. Such report may be transmitted by facsimile, but the original of the report shall be mailed to the board and the county attorney no later than twenty-four hours after the facsimile transmittal.

(2)(a) Upon receipt of such report, the county attorney shall have the matter investigated to determine whether there is a factual basis for the report.

(b) If the county attorney determines that there is no factual basis for the report or that no further action is warranted, he or she shall notify the board and the treatment provider and take no further action.

(c) If the county attorney determines that there is a factual basis for the report and that intervention by the mental health board is necessary to protect the subject or others, the county attorney may file a motion for reconsideration of the conditions set forth by the board and have the matter set for hearing.

(d) The county attorney may apply for a warrant to take immediate custody of the subject pending a rehearing by the board under subdivision (c) of this subsection if the county attorney has reasonable cause to believe that the subject poses a threat of danger to himself or herself or others prior to such rehearing. The application for a warrant shall be supported by affidavit or sworn testimony by the county attorney, a mental health professional, or any other informed person. The application for a warrant and the supporting affidavit may be filed with the board by facsimile, but the original shall be filed with the board not later than three days after the facsimile transmittal, excluding holidays and weekends. Sworn testimony in support of the warrant application may be taken over the telephone at the discretion of the board.