Nebraska Revised Statute 70-680

Chapter 70


Judicial proceedings; bond not required, when.

No bond for costs, appeal, supersedeas, injunction, or attachment shall be required of any district organized under or subject to Chapter 70, article 6, or of any officer, board, head of any department, agent, or employee of such district in any proceeding or court action in which the district or any officer, board, head of department, agent, or employee is a party litigant in its, his, or her official capacity.


  • Laws 1971, LB 310, § 1;
  • Laws 1981, LB 181, § 35.


  • This section does not violate Neb. Const., Art. III, section 14, because the law, as passed, was an act complete and independent in itself and its title called attention to the subject matter of the bill. Aschenbrenner v. Nebraska P. P. Dist., 206 Neb. 157, 291 N.W.2d 720 (1980).