Nebraska Revised Statute 70-662

Chapter 70


District; filings; amendments to petition for creation; amendments to charter; authorized; restriction.

(1) A petition for the creation of a district organized under or subject to the provisions of Chapter 70, article 6, may be amended as provided in this section. Any district, now existing or hereafter created under or subject to Chapter 70, article 6, may file with the Nebraska Power Review Board a petition to amend its charter to eliminate, detach, or reduce area from or add to, increase, or enlarge its chartered territory as required or authorized by Chapter 70, article 6, or subdivide area and territory from within the boundaries of such district, or amend its charter to provide for a change in the general description of the nature of the business in which the district is engaged and the location and method of operation of the power plants and systems or irrigation works of the district proposed in its charter, as long as the plants, systems, and works, the operation of the same, the exercise of powers, and the assumption of duties and responsibilities, of or on the part of such district, do not nullify, conflict with, or materially affect those of, or on the part of, any other district.

(2) Any such district may amend its charter to provide for a change in its name or a change in the location of its principal place of business and may reduce or increase the number of members of its board of directors. No such elimination or detachment, increase or enlargement, or subdivision of the territory of a district, change in its principal place of business, its name, or the number of members of its board of directors, or change in the general description of the nature of its business or methods of operation shall occur unless authorized by the affirmative vote of three-fifths of all the directors of the district involved.



  • District may amend its charter. Schroll v. City of Beatrice, 169 Neb. 162, 98 N.W.2d 790 (1959).

  • Approved petition is charter of the district. Custer Public Power Dist. v. Loup River Public Power Dist., 162 Neb. 300, 75 N.W.2d 619 (1956).