Nebraska Revised Statute 70-604.02

Chapter 70


Operating area, defined.

The operating area of a district, for purposes of establishing its chartered territory, is the geographical area in this state comprising:

(1) The district's retail distribution area, which is that area within which the district delivers electricity by distribution lines directly to those of its customers who consume the electricity; and

(2) The district's wholesale distribution area, which is the aggregate of those retail distribution areas of the public electric utilities which purchase electricity either directly or indirectly from the district for resale to their retail customers if the selling district has the responsibility, in whole or in part, of charging for and delivery of the electricity by transmission lines to the retail public electric utility distribution lines at one or more points of delivery pursuant to a power contract, having an original term of five years or more, to deliver firm power and energy that constitutes fifty percent or more of the purchasing public electric utility's annual energy requirements. To the extent that a selling district leases its plant or systems to another district to be operated by such other district, or produces electricity, hydrogen, or ethanol which other districts may purchase, and such other districts provide or operate the transmission lines to carry such electricity from the producer to such other districts, the retail and wholesale distribution areas of such other districts are not a part of the operating area of the selling district by reason alone of such leasing or production.