Nebraska Revised Statute 70-2105

Chapter 70


Nuclear electrical generating facility; nuclear fuel; prohibited acts; penalty.

(1) A person shall be guilty of a Class II felony if he or she willfully and maliciously (a) destroys or causes or attempts to cause damage or loss to a nuclear electrical generating facility or its components, including the electrical transmission lines or switching equipment used in direct connection with such a facility, or (b) takes, steals and carries away, or removes, alters, or otherwise renders unusable or unsafe the spent or unspent nuclear fuel used or stored in a nuclear electrical generating facility or nuclear storage facility.

(2) This section shall be construed to cover acts and omissions of persons employed at such nuclear facilities, persons otherwise rightfully upon the premises of such nuclear facilities, and all other persons. This section does not apply to acts or omissions carried out in accordance with official rules or directives relating to plant operation or within the scope of responsibility of judgment delegated to persons employed at such nuclear facilities.