Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1803

Chapter 70


Financing costs, defined.

Financing costs means:

(1) Interest, including, but not limited to, capitalized interest, and redemption premiums that are payable on mandated project bonds;

(2) The cost of retiring or refunding a public entity's existing debt in connection with the issuance of mandated project bonds, but only to the extent the debt was issued for the purposes of financing mandated project costs;

(3) Any cost related to the issuing and servicing of mandated project bonds, whether issued by a public entity or by a mandated project bond issuer, including, but not limited to, servicing fees, trustee fees, legal fees, administrative fees, bond counsel fees, bond placement or underwriting fees, remarketing fees, broker dealer fees, payments under an interest rate swap agreement, financial advisor fees, accounting or engineering report fees, and rating agency fees;

(4) Any expense associated with any bond insurance policy, credit enhancement, or other financial arrangement entered into in connection with the issuance of mandated project bonds; and

(5) The funding of one or more reserve accounts related to mandated project bonds.