Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1016

Chapter 70


Appeals; procedure.

An appeal of any final action of the board may be taken to the Court of Appeals. Such appeal shall be in accordance with rules provided by law for appeals in civil cases.



  • Decision of the Nebraska Power Review Board will be affirmed on appeal if it is supported by the evidence in the record and is not arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable, or otherwise illegal. In re Complaint of Federal Land Bank of Omaha, 223 Neb. 897, 395 N.W.2d 488 (1986).

  • This section provides for an appeal and necessarily contemplates the board must have evidence before it can determine whether an agreement can be reasonably expected to provide a reliable wholesale power supply at a reasonable cost to the area. City of Lincoln v. Nebraska P. P. Dist., 191 Neb. 556, 216 N.W.2d 722 (1974).