Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1012.01

Chapter 70


Suppliers; electric generation and transmission facilities; terminate construction or acquisition; filing; reasons; hearing; effect; section, how construed.

(1) If a supplier terminates construction or acquisition of electric generation or transmission facilities after receiving approval for the facilities from the board, the supplier shall file with the board, within thirty days after the action taken to terminate construction or acquisition, a statement of the factors or reasons relied upon by the supplier in taking such action. Within ten days after receipt of such a filing, the board shall give notice of the filing to such other suppliers as it deems interested or affected by such action and it shall hold a hearing for the purpose of obtaining such additional information as the board deems advisable or necessary to inform other suppliers and the public of the reasons for such termination. Notice of any such hearing shall be given to those suppliers previously given notice of the filing and to any other parties expressing interest in the approved application.

(2) The board shall not have authority to approve or deny the action of a supplier terminating construction or acquisition, and any such filing or hearing shall be advisory and solely for the purpose of informing the board, other suppliers, interested parties, and the ratepayers of this state of the factors or reasons relied upon in taking action to terminate construction or acquisition.

(3) Nothing in this section shall constitute or be construed as a defense to any cause of action, including a claim for breach of contract, resulting from such termination.

(4) A privately developed renewable energy generation facility is exempt from this section if it complies with section 70-1014.02.