Nebraska Revised Statute 70-1007

Chapter 70


Establishment of service areas; board; orders; policy considerations.

After the hearing, the board shall make an order establishing the service areas in the matter covered by the notice. In determining any such matter, the board shall seek to carry out the policy stated in section 70-1001. It shall give such consideration as is appropriate in each case to the following:

(1) The supplier best able to supply the load required;

(2) The most logical future supplier of the area;

(3) The desires of the supplier with respect to loads and service areas it wishes to serve;

(4) The ability to provide service at costs comparable to other suppliers in the service area and the immediate costs to the ultimate consumers involved in the transfer; and

(5) The ability of the supplier to cope with the problems of expanding loads and increased costs.



  • Absent annexation or concurrence of the adjoining supplier, the only present means for a municipal power supplier to obtain a modification of its service area is by establishing that the present supplier cannot or will not furnish adequate electrical service or that its doing so involves a wasteful and unwarranted duplication of facilities. In re Application of City of Lincoln, 243 Neb. 458, 500 N.W.2d 183 (1993).

  • Elements to be considered by Power Review Board in approving service area agreement stated; area service contracts must be respected until supplier is unable to provide service in accordance with guidelines set out in this section. Cornhusker P. P. Dist. v. Loup River P. P. Dist., 184 Neb. 789, 172 N.W.2d 235 (1969).