Nebraska Revised Statute 7-103

Chapter 7


Practice by nonresident attorneys; requirements; reciprocity.

Any regularly admitted practicing attorney in the courts of record of another state or territory, having professional business in the courts of record of this state may, on motion, be admitted to practice for the purpose of said business only in any of said courts upon taking the oath as required by section 7-104, and upon it being made to appear to the court by a written showing filed therein that he has associated and appearing with him in the action an attorney who is a resident of Nebraska duly and regularly admitted to practice in the courts of record of this state upon whom service may be had in all matters connected with said action with the same effect as if personally made on such foreign attorney within this state; Provided, regularly licensed practicing attorneys of other states, the laws of which states permit the practice in its courts of attorneys from this state without a local attorney being associated with such attorney, shall not be required to comply with the provisions of this section.


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  • The courts of this state look primarily to members of its bar for the conduct of litigation in which they appear. That is one of the reasons for the requirement of this section that the attorneys admitted to practice in other states first associate with members of the Nebraska bar when appearing in this state. State ex rel. Douglas v. Bigelow, 214 Neb. 464, 334 N.W.2d 444 (1983).

  • Nonresident, assisting county attorney in prosecution of a felony, must qualify. Goldsberry v. State, 92 Neb. 211, 137 N.W. 1116 (1912).

  • Nonresident may not be admitted to practice generally. In re Robinson, 82 Neb. 172, 117 N.W. 352 (1908).

  • Court may admit nonresident attorney interested in case for purpose of that business only. In re Admission to the Bar, 61 Neb. 58, 84 N.W. 611 (1900).