Nebraska Revised Statute 69-1803

Chapter 69


Terms, defined.

As used in the American Indian Arts and Crafts Sales Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) American Indian shall mean any person of at least one-quarter American Indian blood who is enrolled or is a lineal descendant of an American Indian enrolled upon enrollment listing of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs;

(2) Imitation American Indian arts and crafts shall mean any American-Indian-style arts and crafts which are made by machine, made of synthetic or artificial material, or made by persons who are not American Indians;

(3) Authentic American Indian arts and crafts shall mean any arts and crafts which are handcrafted by American Indians and made of natural materials;

(4) Machine-made shall mean the manufacture of American-Indian-style arts and crafts in mass production by mechanically stamping, casting, shaping, or weaving;

(5) Handcrafted arts and crafts shall mean any arts and crafts produced by individual hand labor through the use of findings, hand tools, and equipment for buffing, polishing, grinding, or drilling;

(6) Findings shall mean only those pieces that come under the category of clips, pins, stems, hooks, and toggles and other materials used in joining two or more parts of a single handcrafted product, but shall not mean bench-made beads, machine-made beads, or other machine-made components;

(7) Spin cast shall mean the casting of jewelry components other than findings by means of centrifugal force;

(8) Natural turquoise shall mean an unadulterated mineral consisting of hydrous basic copper aluminum phosphate which has not been chemically altered or discolored other than by natural alteration or discoloration; and

(9) Unnatural turquoise shall mean any mineral, compound, or substance which is not natural turquoise, including the following: Stabilized turquoise which is turquoise of a soft, porous nature which has been chemically hardened, but not adulterated so as to change the coloration of the natural mineral; treated turquoise which is turquoise which has been chemically altered to produce a change in the coloration of the natural mineral; reconstituted turquoise which is turquoise dust and particles which have been mixed with plastic resins and compressed into a solid form so as to resemble natural turquoise; imitation turquoise which is any artificial compound or other mineral manufactured or treated so as to closely resemble natural turquoise in composition and color; and any other mineral which is represented as turquoise but is not natural turquoise.


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