Nebraska Revised Statute 69-1322

Chapter 69


Failure to report property; State Treasurer; powers and duties; holder; duties.

(a) If the State Treasurer has reason to believe that any person has failed to report property in accordance with the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act, the State Treasurer may demand that such person file a verified report or otherwise comply with the act within thirty days of the demand.

(b) The State Treasurer may at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice examine the records of any person if he or she has reason to believe that such person has failed to report property that should have been reported pursuant to the act.

(c) If an examination of the records of a person results in the disclosure of property reportable under the act, the State Treasurer may assess the cost of the examination against the holder but in no case may the charges exceed the value of the property found to be reportable.

(d)(1) Every holder required to file a report under section 69-1310, as to any property for which it has obtained the last-known address of the owner, shall maintain a record of the name and last-known address of the owner for seven years after the property becomes reportable, except to the extent that a shorter time is provided in subdivision (2) of this subsection or by rule of the State Treasurer.

(2) Any holder that sells in this state its travelers checks, money orders, or other similar written instruments on which the holder is directly liable, or that provides such instruments to others for sale in this state, shall maintain a record of those instruments while they remain outstanding, indicating the state and date of issue for three years after the date the property is reportable.


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