Nebraska Revised Statute 69-1212

Chapter 69


Licensee; debtor; fee; agreement; limitations.

The fee of the licensee to be charged the debtor shall be agreed upon in advance and stated in the contract and provision for settlement in case of cancellation or prepayment shall be clearly stated in the contract. The total fee to be charged by the licensee shall not be more than fifteen percent of the amount of money agreed to be paid through the licensee. Fees shall be amortized over the length of the contract and no more than the monthly amortized amount may be applied to charges while the contract is in full force and effect, except that the licensee may require an initial payment by the debtor of an amount not to exceed twenty-five dollars which shall be credited to the total fee to be charged. In the event of cancellation, the licensee shall be entitled to receive not more than twenty-five percent of the remaining unamortized fee agreed upon in the contract. No licensee shall be entitled to any fee or charge against the debtor upon any contract until the debt management program is arranged and approved by the debtor. A contract shall not be effective until a debtor has made a payment to the licensee for distribution to his creditors.


  • Laws 1967, c. 377, § 12, p. 1183.