Nebraska Revised Statute 68-940

Chapter 68


Penalties or damages; considerations; liability; costs and attorney's fees.

(1) In determining the amount of any penalties or damages awarded under the False Medicaid Claims Act, the following shall be taken into account:

(a) The nature of claims and the circumstances under which they were presented;

(b) The degree of culpability and history of prior offenses of the person presenting the claims;

(c) Coordination of the total penalties and damages arising from the same claims, goods, or services, whether based on state or federal statute; and

(d) Such other matters as justice requires.

(2)(a) Any person who presents a false medicaid claim is subject to civil liability as provided in section 68-936, except when the court finds that:

(i) The person committing the violation of the False Medicaid Claims Act furnished officials of the state responsible for investigating violations of the act with all information known to such person about the violation within thirty days after the date on which the defendant first obtained the information;

(ii) Such person fully cooperated with any state investigation of such violation; and

(iii) At the time such person furnished the state with the information about the violation, no criminal prosecution, civil action, or administrative action had commenced under the act with respect to such violation and the person did not have actual knowledge of the existence of an investigation into such violation.

(b) The court may assess not more than two times the amount of the false medicaid claims submitted because of the action of a person coming within the exception under subdivision (2)(a) of this section, and such person is also liable for the state's costs and attorney's fees for a civil action brought to recover any penalty or damages.

(3) Amounts recovered under the False Medicaid Claims Act shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Health and Human Services Cash Fund, except that (a) amounts recovered for the state's costs and attorney's fees pursuant to subdivision (2)(b) of this section and sections 68-936 and 68-939 shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the State Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Cash Fund and (b) the State Treasurer shall distribute civil penalties in accordance with Article VII, section 5, of the Constitution of Nebraska.