Nebraska Revised Statute 68-916

Chapter 68


Medical assistance; application; assignment of rights; exception.

The application for medical assistance shall constitute an automatic assignment of the rights specified in this section to the department or its assigns effective from the date of eligibility for such assistance. The assignment shall include the rights of the applicant or recipient and also the rights of any other member of the assistance group for whom the applicant or recipient can legally make an assignment.

Pursuant to this section and subject to sections 68-921 to 68-925, the applicant or recipient shall assign to the department or its assigns any rights to medical care support available to him or her or to other members of the assistance group under an order of a court or administrative agency and any rights to pursue or receive payments from any third party liable to pay for the cost of medical care and services arising out of injury, disease, or disability of the applicant or recipient or other members of the assistance group which otherwise would be covered by medical assistance. Medicare benefits shall not be assigned pursuant to this section. Rights assigned to the department or its assigns under this section may be directly reimbursable to the department or its assigns by liable third parties, as provided by rule or regulation of the department, when prior notification of the assignment has been made to the liable third party.


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  • The statutory assignment to Department of Social Services under this section is subject to a valid hospital lien acquired under section 52-401 when the hospital lien exists before the department obligates itself to pay, or does pay, medical assistance benefits under this section. Ehlers v. Perry, 242 Neb. 208, 494 N.W.2d 325 (1993).