Nebraska Revised Statute 68-610

Chapter 68


Coverage by political subdivisions; amount; payment.

(1) Each political subdivision as to which a plan has been approved under sections 68-608 to 68-611 or prepared under section 68-625 shall be required to pay for the period of such coverage, contributions in the amounts and at the rates specified in the applicable agreement entered into by the state agency under sections 68-603 and 68-604.

(2) Each political subdivision required to make payments under section 68-609 is authorized, in consideration of the employee's retention in or entry upon employment after enactment of sections 68-601 to 68-631, to impose upon each of its employees, as to services which are covered by an approved plan, a contribution with respect to his or her wages not exceeding the amount of tax which would be imposed by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act if such services constituted employment within the meaning of the act and to deduct the amount of such contribution from his or her wages as and when paid. Failure to deduct such contribution shall not relieve the employee or employer of liability therefor.