Nebraska Revised Statute 68-2002

Chapter 68


Purposes of act.

The purposes of the Children's Health and Treatment Act are to:

(1) Require that the guidelines and criteria that the Department of Health and Human Services utilizes to determine medical necessity for services under the medical assistance program be published by the department on its website and websites of its contractors for managed care and administrative services. The treating guidelines and criteria shall be referenced specifically to providers when utilized as a determination of medical necessity under the medical assistance program. Treating guidelines and criteria in effect on July 19, 2012, shall be published on such websites within thirty days after July 19, 2012. Notice of changes to treating guidelines and criteria shall be given to providers and time for public comment provided at least sixty days prior to implementation of such changes; and

(2) Require that the department collect and report on authorization and denial rates for behavioral health services for children under nineteen years of age.