Nebraska Revised Statute 68-1925

Chapter 68


Failure to pay; penalty; waiver; when; withholding authorized; collection methods authorized.

(1) A nursing facility or skilled nursing facility that fails to pay the quality assurance assessment within the timeframe specified in section 68-1921 or 68-1924, whichever is applicable, shall pay, in addition to the outstanding quality assurance assessment, a penalty of one and one-half percent of the quality assurance assessment amount owed for each month or portion of a month that the assessment is overdue. If the department determines that good cause is shown for failure to pay the quality assurance assessment, the department shall waive the penalty or a portion of the penalty.

(2) If a quality assurance assessment has not been received by the department within thirty days following the quarter for which the assessment is due, the department shall withhold an amount equal to the quality assurance assessment and penalty owed from any payment due such nursing facility or skilled nursing facility under the medical assistance program.

(3) The quality assurance assessment shall constitute a debt due the state and may be collected by civil action, including, but not limited to, the filing of tax liens, and any other method provided for by law.

(4) The department shall remit any penalty collected pursuant to this section to the State Treasurer for distribution in accordance with Article VII, section 5, of the Constitution of Nebraska.