Nebraska Revised Statute 68-1722

Chapter 68


Legislative findings; case management practices and supportive services; department; powers and duties; extension of time limit on cash assistance; when.

The Legislature finds that the state has responsibilities to help ensure the success of the self-sufficiency contract for each recipient. The Department of Health and Human Services shall employ case management practices and supportive services to the extent necessary to facilitate movement toward self-sufficiency within the time limit on participation as provided in section 68-1724.

The department may purchase case management services. It is the intent of the Legislature that any case management utilized by the department shall include standards which emphasize communication skills; appropriate interviewing techniques; and methods for positive feedback, support, encouragement, and counseling. The case management provided shall also include a recognition of family dynamics and emphasize working with all family members; shall respect diversity; shall empower individuals; and shall include recognizing, capitalizing, and building on a family's strengths and existing support network. It is the intent of the Legislature that generally a case manager would have a family caseload of no more than seventy cases.

Supportive services shall include, but not be limited to, assistance with transportation expenses, participation and work expenses, parenting education, family planning, budgeting, and relocation to provide for specific needs critical to the recipient's or the recipient family's self-sufficiency contract. For purposes of this section, family planning shall not include abortion counseling, referral for abortion, or funding for abortion. If the state fails to meet the specific terms of the self-sufficiency contract, the time limit on cash assistance under section 68-1724 shall be extended.