Nebraska Revised Statute 68-1719

Chapter 68


Self-sufficiency contract; purpose.

Based on the results of the comprehensive assets assessment under section 68-1718, the applicant and the case manager shall develop a self-sufficiency contract. The contract shall be built upon the premise of urgent action. To ensure that the applicant can make constant, measurable progress toward self-sufficiency, goals shall be set with timelines and benchmarks that facilitate forward momentum. In the case of an entire family applying for assistance, each family member shall have responsibilities within the self-sufficiency contract.


  • Laws 1994, LB 1224, § 19.


  • "Participation in the program," within the meaning of section 68-1724, refers to participation in a self-sufficiency contract as described in this section, and the family cap established by section 68-1724 does not apply to families who are not participating in a self-sufficiency contract. Mason v. State, 267 Neb. 44, 627 N.W.2d 28 (2003).

  • The self-sufficiency contracts created under this section are creatures of statute, and not common law. The self-sufficiency contract serves as a means for the State and a recipient of public assistance to memorialize a specific plan of action by which a recipient can attain self-sufficiency, but is not given legal effect by the agreement of the parties and therefore is not a contract as that term is generally used in civil law. The enforceability of statutory requirements cannot be voided in the same manner as a civil contract that is created solely by agreement of the parties. Kosmicki v. State, 264 Neb. 887, 652 N.W.2d 883 (2002).