Nebraska Revised Statute 68-1709

Chapter 68


Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature finds and declares that the primary purpose of the welfare programs in this state is to provide temporary, transitional support for Nebraska families so that economic self-sufficiency is attained in as expeditious a manner as possible. The Legislature further finds and declares that this goal is to be accomplished through individualized assessments of the personal and economic resources of each applicant for public assistance and through the use of individualized self-sufficiency contracts.

The Legislature further finds and declares that it is in the best interests of the state, its citizens, and especially those receiving public assistance through welfare programs in this state that the welfare system be reformed to support, stabilize, and enhance individual and family life in Nebraska by: (1) Pursuing efforts to help Nebraskans avoid poverty and prevent the need for welfare; (2) eliminating existing complex and conflicting welfare programs; (3) creating a simplified program in place of the existing complex and conflicting welfare programs; (4) removing disincentives to work and promoting economic self-sufficiency; (5) providing individuals and families the support needed to move from public assistance to economic self-sufficiency; (6) changing public assistance from entitlements to temporary, contract-based support; (7) removing barriers to public assistance for intact families; (8) basing the duration of public assistance upon the individual circumstances of each applicant within the time limits allowed under federal law; (9) providing continuing assistance and support for persons sixty-five years of age or over and for individuals and families with physical, mental, or intellectual limitations preventing total economic self-sufficiency; (10) supporting regular school attendance of children; and (11) promoting public sector, private sector, individual, and family responsibility.