Nebraska Revised Statute 68-1521

Chapter 68


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 68-1520 to 68-1528:

(1) Caregiver means an individual providing ongoing care for an individual unable to care for himself or herself;

(2) Community lifespan respite services program means a noncategorical respite services program that:

(a) Is operated by a community-based private nonprofit or for-profit agency or a public agency that provides respite services;

(b) Receives funding through the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Services Program established under section 68-1522;

(c) Serves an area in one or more of the six regional services areas of the department;

(d) Acts as a single local source for respite services information and referral; and

(e) Facilitates access to local respite services;

(3) Department means the Department of Health and Human Services;

(4) Noncategorical care means care without regard to the age, type of special needs, or other status of the individual receiving care;

(5) Provider means an individual or agency selected by a family or caregiver to provide respite services to an individual with special needs;

(6) Respite care means the provision of short-term relief to primary caregivers from the demands of ongoing care for an individual with special needs; and

(7) Respite services includes:

(a) Recruiting and screening of paid and unpaid respite care providers;

(b) Identifying local training resources and organizing training opportunities for respite care providers;

(c) Matching of families and caregivers with providers and other types of respite care;

(d) Linking families and caregivers with payment resources;

(e) Identifying, coordinating, and developing community resources for respite services;

(f) Quality assurance and evaluation; and

(g) Assisting families and caregivers to identify respite care needs and resources.