Nebraska Revised Statute 68-129

Chapter 68


Public assistance; computation of available resources; exclusions.

The Department of Health and Human Services shall, by rule and regulation, when determining need for public assistance on the basis of available resources, exclude from the definition of available resources of an applicant for assistance either the funds deposited in an irrevocable trust fund created pursuant to section 12-1106 or up to four thousand dollars, increased annually as provided in this section, of the amount paid for a policy of insurance the proceeds of which are specifically and irrevocably designated, assigned, or pledged for the payment of the applicant's burial expenses. The Department of Health and Human Services shall increase such amount annually on September 1 beginning with the year 2006 by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers published by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics at the close of the twelve-month period ending on August 31 of such year. This section shall not preclude the eligibility for assistance of an applicant who has purchased such a policy of insurance prior to July 9, 1988, unless such applicant is subject to subdivision (3) of section 68-1002.