Nebraska Revised Statute 66-913

Chapter 66


Counties or municipalities; zoning regulations, ordinances, and plans; considerations.

All counties or municipalities having zoning or subdivision jurisdiction are hereby authorized to include considerations for the encouragement of solar energy and wind energy use and the protection of access to solar energy and wind energy in all applicable zoning regulations or ordinances and comprehensive development plans. Such considerations may include, but not be limited to, regulation of height, location, setback, and use of structures, the height and location of vegetation with respect to property boundary lines, the type and location of energy systems or their components, and the use of districts to encourage the use of solar energy systems and wind energy conversion systems and protect access to solar energy and wind energy. Comprehensive development plans may contain an element for protection and development of solar energy and wind energy access which will promote energy conservation and ensure coordination of solar energy and wind energy use with conventional energy use.


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