Nebraska Revised Statute 66-738

Chapter 66 Section 738


Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement and Collection Division; created within Department of Revenue; powers and duties; funding; contracts authorized.

The Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement and Collection Division is hereby created within the Department of Revenue. The division shall be funded by a separate appropriation program within the department. All provisions of the Compressed Fuel Tax Act, the Petroleum Release Remedial Action Act, the State Aeronautics Act, and sections 66-482 to 66-4,149, 66-501 to 66-531, and 66-712 to 66-736, pertaining to the Department of Revenue, the Tax Commissioner, or the division, shall be entirely and separately undertaken and enforced by the division, except that the division may utilize services provided by other programs of the Department of Revenue in functional areas known on July 1, 1991, as the budget subprograms designated revenue operations and administration. Appropriations for the division that are used to fund costs allocated for such functional operations shall be expended by the division in an appropriate pro rata share and shall be subject to audit by the Auditor of Public Accounts, at such time as he or she determines necessary, which audit shall be provided to the budget division of the Department of Administrative Services and the Legislative Fiscal Analyst by October 1 of the year under audit. Audit information useful to other divisions of the Department of Revenue may be shared by the Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement and Collection Division with the other divisions of the department and the Division of Motor Carrier Services of the Department of Motor Vehicles, but audits shall not be considered as a functional operation for purposes of this section. Except for staff performing in functional areas, staff funded from the separate appropriation program shall only be utilized to carry out the provisions of such acts and sections. The auditors and field investigators in the Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement and Collection Division shall be adequately trained for the purposes of motor fuel tax enforcement and collection. The Tax Commissioner shall hire for or assign to the division sufficient staff to carry out the responsibility of the division for the enforcement of the motor fuel laws.

Funds appropriated to the division may also be used to contract with other public agencies or private entities to aid in the issuance of motor fuel delivery permit numbers as provided in subsection (2) of section 66-503, and such contracted funds shall only be used for such purpose. The amount of any contracts entered into pursuant to this section shall be appropriated and accounted for in a separate budget subprogram of the division.


Cross References

  • Compressed Fuel Tax Act, see section 66-697.
  • Petroleum Release Remedial Action Act, see section 66-1501.
  • State Aeronautics Act, see section 3-154.