Nebraska Revised Statute 66-731

Chapter 66


Department; computer system; shared information.

(1) The department shall develop, implement, and maintain a computer system for the automated recording and analysis of the motor vehicle fuel tax, the diesel fuel tax, and related information. The system shall be capable of directly accepting and recording data filed by magnetic media.

(2) The department shall share information pertaining to motor fuel use, tax collection, and related information with the Department of Agriculture, the State Fire Marshal, and the Nebraska State Patrol. The information shall be made available to these agencies and to any other state, federal, or local agency with a valid need for the information as determined by the Department of Revenue.

(3) The department may forward to any agency in this state, to the officials to whom are entrusted the enforcement of the motor fuel tax laws of any other state, the District of Columbia, the United States, its territories and possessions, and the provinces or the Dominion of Canada, or to any other person any information which the department may have relative to the receipt, storage, delivery, sale, use, or other disposition of motor fuel.

(4) The department may forward to any person statistical information, lists of licensees or permitholders, or totals for any licensee or permitholder.


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