Nebraska Revised Statute 66-713

Chapter 66


Retailer; license required; when; records.

(1) Any person operating as a retailer of motor vehicle fuel or diesel fuel in this state shall obtain a license from the department. A separate license shall be issued for each retail location operated by such person.

(2) Every retailer shall keep a complete and accurate record of all motor fuels, to be based on gross gallons, received, purchased, or obtained, which record shows the name and address of the person from whom each transfer or purchase of motor fuels was made, the point from which shipped or delivered, the point at which received, the method of delivery, the quantity of each transfer or purchase, and the total amount of motor fuels sold at retail during the month.

(3) The records shall also include all exempt sales of motor fuels, the date of sale, the quantity sold, and the identity of the purchaser.

(4) The records required by this section shall be retained and be available for audit and examination by the department or its authorized agents during regular business hours for a period of three years.