Nebraska Revised Statute 66-528

Chapter 66


Unlawful transportation; conviction; effect.

Final judgment of conviction in a criminal action brought under section 66-527 shall be in all cases a bar to any suits for the recovery of the fuel transported thereby or other personal property actually and directly used in connection therewith, or the value of the same, or for damages alleged to arise by reason of the seizing of such vehicle and the fuel contained therein, and upon conviction judgment shall be entered directing that the fuel transported and other personal property actually and directly used in connection with such violation may be put to official use by the confiscating agency for a period of not more than two years or shall be ordered sold by the court at public sale on ten days' notice, and the remaining proceeds, after the motor vehicle fuel or diesel fuel tax and cost of collection have been remitted to the appropriate fund or person, shall be remitted into the temporary school fund to be used for the support of the common schools as in the case of fines and forfeitures. The purchaser of such fuel or property shall take title thereto free and clear of all rights, title, and interest of all persons claiming to be owners thereof or claiming to have liens thereon.


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