Nebraska Revised Statute 66-525

Chapter 66


Carriers; transportation companies; shipments of motor fuel or diesel fuel into or out of state; reports; contents.

The department may require every railroad or railroad company, motor truck or motor truck transportation company, water transportation company, pipeline company, and other person transporting or bringing into the State of Nebraska or transporting from a refinery, ethanol or biodiesel facility, pipeline, pipeline terminal, or barge terminal within the State of Nebraska for the purpose of delivery within or export from this state any motor vehicle fuel or diesel fuel which is or may be produced and compounded for the purpose of operating or propelling any motor vehicle, to furnish a return on forms prescribed by the department to be delivered and on file in the office of the department by the twentieth day of each calendar month, showing all quantities of such motor vehicle fuel or diesel fuel transported during the preceding calendar month for which the report is made, giving the name of the consignee, the point at which delivery was made, the date of delivery, the method of delivery, the quantity of each such shipment, and such other information as the department requires.